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Dr. Jennifer CollinsFaculty

Dr. Jennifer Collins


Telephone (813) 974-4242
Office Location: NES 316



Ph.D. University College London
United Kingdom
B.Sc. Lancaster University
United Kingdom


Courses Taught


  • GEO 1930 Geography of Current Events
  • GEO 2200 (3013) Introduction to Physical Geography
  • GEO 2371 Introduction to Earth System Science
  • MET 4002C Climatology
  • MET 4012C Meteorology


  • GEO 6255 Weather, Climate, & Society


Research Interests

Dr. Jennifer Collins is an Associate Professor of Geography in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Planning at the University of South Florida. Her research focuses on weather and climate. As a hurricane researcher, Dr. Collins is interested in the interaction between large scale climatic patterns such as the El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Madden – Julian Oscillation and seasonal patterns of tropical cyclone activity in multiple oceanic basins. She is currently studying the environmental factors influencing the interannual variation of hurricane numbers in the Northeast Pacific and she is examining relationships between hurricane numbers in the Atlantic versus those in part of the Northeast Pacific ocean basin. She is also investigating sea surface temperatures in the Pacific using a new sea surface temperature change parameter and relating this to Atlantic hurricane activity. This work is being extended to other ocean basins. As well as her work in the physical sciences she also works in the social sciences as she begins work on behavior relating to hurricane evacuation. In addition to her hurricane work, Dr. Collins works in other areas related to weather, climate and hazards. She works closely on projects with the National Weather Service involving tornados and fog. In addition, she collaborates with international researchers and works in the area of climate change. She is currently examining temperature changes in South America and Africa. Dr. Collins is the President of the West Central Florida Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, Director of the Climate Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers and serves on the National Weather Association’s Specialized Operations Committee on Tropical Cyclones.


Graduated Ph.D. Students

Ph.D. Geography and Environmental Science and Policy:

  • JoAnn Sullivan, "Characterization of an Urban Heat Island (UHI) in the Tampa Region of Florida." Graduated Summer, 2010.

Graduated Masters Students

M.A. in Geography:

  • Jaime Auletta, "Disaster Vulnerability of University Student Populations." Graduated Summer, 2012.

M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy:

  • Cristina Mazza, "The Influence of Meteorological Parameters on Rainfall and Severe Weather in Pinellas County, FL." Graduated Summer, 2011.

Graduate Advisees

Ph.D. in Geography and Environmental Science and Policy:

  • Charles Paxton, "Rip Currents."
  • David Roache, "The Impact of ENSO Neutral Conditions on Global Tropical Cyclone Activity."

M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy:

  • Justin Hartnett, "Snowfall Variability."
  • Ashley Weatherall, "Assessing Hurricane Preparedness Among Resident Staff at the University of South Florida."
  • Cameron Gauthier, "NE Pacific Hurricane Variability."
  • Matt Stanley, "Predictors to Severe Hail Events."
  • Kelsey Roberts, "Weather Patterns, Temperature Variability, and Atmospheric Conditions Leading up to a Winter 'Cold Snap' in Florida."

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