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Faculty Research on Hurricanes/Severe Weather and Climate

Jennifer Collins

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Chapter Meeting Publications

These are publications chosen by the editors of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society who consider submissions from all chapters of the American Meteorological Society across the nation. Typically, only one article gets chosen per issue (with some issues having none chosen). They are articles written by me about research presented during the West Central Florida American Meteorological Society chapter meetings.

NOAA Preserve America Initiative Grant

NOAA Preserve America Initiative

Graham Tobin

Selected Publications

  • Tobin, G.A., Bell, H.M., Whiteford, L.M. and Montz, B.E. (In Press) Vulnerability of Displaced Persons: Relocation Park Residents in the Wake of Hurricane Charley. International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, Vol. 24, No. 1, pp.

  • Tobin, G.A., Hughey, E.P. and Miller, R. (2004) What if Hurricane Charley Made Landfall at Tampa Bay? Modeling the Impacts. The Florida Geographer, Vol. 35, pp. 4-12.

  • Tobin, G.A., Bell, H.M., Hughey, E.P., Montz, B.E., Everist, M.P., Kelsey, C., Miller, R., Whiteford L.M., with Blackman, V., Freidus, A., Hill, B., Jafarova, L. and Perett A. (2005) Hurricane Charley - The Aftermath: Impacts and Responses. Department of Geography, University of South Florida. pp. 223. (Paper and CD).